The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework is used by all Early Years providers to ensure that children gain high quality experiences that will enrich their development. The EYFS sets out three prime and four specific areas to learning which are inter-connected. 

The areas form the foundation of the Little Geniuses curriculum which ensures that all children make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up.

At Little Geniuses we ensure that our approach to learning allows children the freedom to explore and be creative whilst building on each strand of the EYFS Framework. We ensure that children flourish in their own unique way at their own pace.

Our aim is to take on board the children’s thoughts and interests and incorporate these into their learning to enhance their learning experience and development.   

Every child at Little Geniuses Nursery has a key person who oversees the development and learning of children, as well as supporting them on a daily basis.

Bright Sparks (0-2 years)

  • We offer a range of sensory experiences, visual stimulation and a variety of surroundings for babies to begin their journey of understanding the world around them.
  • No matter what stage of physical development a child is at we provide a range of indoor/outdoor areas to promote their development across all areas of learning (personal, social and emotional).
  • Our trained staff will help your baby foster early communication interactions through one-to-one conversation, songs and rhymes and the sharing of stories.
  • As your child grows, we nurture their personalities and unique interests to provide them with opportunities to make independent discoveries facilitating their developments.

Whizz kids (2-3 years)

  • Children between the ages of 2-3 develop at a fast pace, at Little Geniuses we provide children with a variety of learning opportunities and environments to support their development.
  • Our staff place children’s interests into their daily activities to help children learn as well as facilitating their interactions with other children, through collaborative play.
  • To harness the skills of personal, social and emotional development we place great emphasis on building upon children’s confidence and self-awareness.

Superstars (3+ years)

  • We continue with our child-led approach and tailor learning to the children’s interests.
  • The Little Geniuses curriculum provides children with the opportunities to become excited and independent learners.
  • We provide a rich and varied programme of activities which include Literacy, Mathematics and Science.
  • Our staff will support your child through developing a range of skills, in preparation for a smooth transition to school.

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