Parents Area

Little Geniuses is a family friendly childcare provider. Our aim is to provide the best care for children, but also support parents throughout a child’s time at the nursery. We achieve this through our strong relationships and interactive technology that allows parents to be involved, at all times as part of their child’s nursery journey, so they never miss a moment.

With the press of a button, parents can be kept up to date with their child’s progress and achievements. Parents can learn about the activities their child has done throughout the day, see what their child has eaten and see the special moments captured at the nursery. Parents also have the ability to use the Parent App to share their child’s golden moments from home with their child’s key worker and by also sending in their own comments. This will help to strengthen a child’s development.

The ‘Blossom Educational App’ is available across a range of devices including desktop, tablet and mobile for IOS, Android and Windows.

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